Guild Wars 2 Strategy Booklet Review

The Unofficial Guild Wars2 ebookI have been playing mmorpg since the beginning of time and now it has become a part of my daily routine… and my life! Since the time I began gaming, my favorite all time fav game has been Guild Wars. Currently I am a hardcore fan of the Ranger class, although its been really tough battling throughout the game. I believed I had the skills and abilities to defeat hordes of enemies with my trusty spider pet! To be honest, seeing the way I battle made me ‘sad’. In a sense, I knew I could do better than this! This is when I had a brick thrown into my face as a reality check: I realized I needed some help!

Scowering the internet high and low for a Guild Wars 2 manual was no easy feat; I had a lot of options but most of them seemed over exaggerated. However, one company stood out from the rest called Killer Guides. I learned about this website from this review here. The manual consists of details of the skills, abilities and tactics to slay their targets, using their loyal pets (which rangers tame and train) and distract enemies while they strike safely from a distance. One of the most well written chapters in my opinion are the sections related to special skill types including chains, survival, spirits, traps, and signets. I mean there are so many abilities mentioned in the manual that I cannot list down since its a single licensed booklet. I personally think this one of the most informative booklet helping me pick up some great tips and tricks. With that being said, the purchased manual from KillerGuides is $29.99 USD in a PDF format.

While going through the website I happened to come across another interesting book from the same author called the GW2 Gold Secrets Book so I bought that too at the same price stated above. The unique feature about this book is its gold making tactics/strategies. For gamers, currency is an important tool that helps us sustain in the game. I can of course relate it to real life; just imagine what would we do without money, likewise gold is important for gamers in order to buy consumables, weapons, armor and sometimes, transportation!

Guild Wars 2 Ranger

Admitting to the fact I have taken a lot of guidance from the available booklets that has helped me turn into an efficient player from a clueless player. In my personal opinion I would suggest all you readers to purchase the manual in order to make the game much more simpler and interesting! I mean, if it can help me, why couldn’t it help you? I can guarantee that you’ll see a difference in your gaming regardless if you’re a beginner or not! Take these strategies to heart and go to for more information about available guides and bundles!

Best Weapons For Your Guild Wars 2 Ranger

This is a basic summary of the gameplay techniques used in Guild Wars 2. The Guild Wars 2 PvP Manual and GW2 Gold Reference Book is co-written by several authors who are established veterans of the game.

Guild Wars 2 Ranger is categorized as an adventure profession in Guild Wars 2. As you know by name, this profession is a ranger fighter and is magnificent with the bow. Most Rangers in general MMOs only have access to a bow or some sort of small dagger which is rarely used in a real fight, but this is not the case in GW2 guide. Little do you know, the Ranger is able to wield huge 2 handed great swords. Below is a list of the 11 types of weapons that the Ranger can equip.

norn ranger


  1. Great Sword – Heavy damage weapon at close range. Good at counter attack and dodging
  2. Long Bow – the most powerful weapon for ranger providing the longest ranged attack.
  3. Short Bow – quicker but shorter range and less damage than long bow. Best for hit and run fight. This weapon is recommended by guild wars 2 class guide 


  1. Sword – Melee attack with mobility. Backstabbing and keeping ranger distance from enemies can be performed by this weapon.
  2. Axes – Ranger can throw axes to targets, giving medium ranged attack


  1. Axe – Giving skill to reflect any incoming attacks for a period, or can be thrown for a boomerang effect.
  2. Dagger –  Dagger is to inflict status aliment to foes such as maim attack and poison attack.
  3. Torch – Light fire to some area and burn the enemies by throwing the torch at
  4. Warhorn – Call animals for a short period to attack opponents or buff allies.

Under the water

  1. Harpoon Gun – Can be accessed for underwater battle only. Harpoon gun is for shooting at multiple targets from long ranged.
  2. Spear – For underwater melee attack to pierce and swipe enemies.

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Guild Wars 2 Ranger Weapon, Spirits, Traps Guide

Below is an introductory guide to the Ranger’s weapons, for more advanced Ranger insights into weapons, check out the guide written by the same author.

The two handed weapons the ranger can use are the great sword, the long bow, and the short bow. The differences between the long bow and the short bow are simple.


Long bows have longer range and are more powerful, but require the ranger to remain stationary. The short bow is lightweight and allows the ranger to be more mobile, allowing them to use skills on the move.

The one handed weapons they can use are the sword and the ax. Their offense includes axes, daggers, war horns, and torches. The ranger will be one of the most deadliest opponents from range beside guild wars 2 engineer leveling guide but because they have access to more weapon set in combat, they might be able to surprise some enemies with some melee damage.

Rangers have two skill types available to them, traps and spirits. Traps are placed at the rangers location and are activated once an enemy walks over it.

gw-2-ranger-flame-trapRanger traps will do things such as burn and chill foes, apply a bleed, or blind them. A ranger can only have one trap out at a time. When a ranger uses a spirit skill, it sums a nature spirit that buffs the surrounding area. It stays out for a short period of time, or until the ranger walks too far away from it.

These spirits can be attacked by enemies, and only one of each type can be out at a time. A sun spirit, for example, will apply additional fire damage to allied attacks within the vicinity.


The ranger in Guild Wars 2 leveling guide looks like no other I’ve seen before. It is very different from any ranger, hunter, marksman class I have seen in other MMOs.

They give the player a lot of freedom and choice of what pet to use, and why they should use a specific pet. There are going to be situations when a ranger player has a light bulb appear on the top of their head and says, “A spider would be great for this flight,” or, “This snow leopard would be perfect for this enemy.”

This aspect of the ranger should excite a lot of people that want the pet to be a part of the profession, and not some auto attacking, mindless beast

Check out these GW2 strategies tested and proven to work by the author, also a long time MMO gamer.

Guild Wars 2 Ranger Pets Guide

A Guild Wars veteran returns to publishing this post as a brief introduction to the Guild Wars 2 book he wrote covering: profession abilities, gameplay walkthroughs and more.

In this post, we will be talking a bit about the Guild Wars 2 Ranger. The ranger is a master of range combat and the only profession in the game that has a pet that you control and give commands to.

They wear medium armor and have a utility skill that gives them the ability to stealth if they are standing still. The ranger will deal devastating damage to foes while also having access to some unique mobility skills.

The pet of the ranger is what makes this profession unique. Like guild wars 2 necromancer choosing his minions, rangers will have a ton of flexibility when choosing what pet they want. A ranger of a certain race isn’t bound to a type of pet.

Rangers of any race can have any of the 12 different families of pets in the game. Each of the 12 families have three basic skills that define them and take the level of the ranger. For example, bears are hard to kill and drakes do AOE damage.


12 might not seem a lot pets, but each family has species within it, and each of them has a unique skill. The easiest example to visualize would be the bear family.

Within this family are polar bears who have a roar that freezes enemies, or a brown bear that has a roar that removes conditions. Every ranger player will want to use all the pets, and ArenaNet gave them the power to do so..


Rangers have two terrestrial and two aquatic pet slots. Although a player can only have one pet out at a time, they can switch between the other pet with the click of a button, allowing the ranger to adapt to the situation.

A player can swap out a pet even if it is in a down state. Swapping pets has a cool down and a longer cool down if the current pet was down when the player performed the switch.


Rangers pets have two stances, active and passive. This makes the mechanics of the ranger pet very simple. If the pet is in active stance, it will attack the opponent. If the pet is in the passive stance, it will just follow the ranger unless the player gives a specific command to attack.

The ranger has two trait lines called wilderness survival and beast mastery, and also trait lines for each of the weapons they can use. The wilderness survival trait line focuses on general buffs to the character, such as buffs of power, precision, toughness, and vitality for your better guild wars 2 leveling guide.

The beast mastery trait line focuses on buffing the pet of the ranger, such as increasing the run speed of the pet, summoning the pet faster, or even buffing a specific family of pets.

Guild Wars 2 Ranger Pet Introduction

gw 2 ranger

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Guild Wars 2 Ranger is the only profession in the game that has the ability to control a pet. More than 20 pets can be summoned from more than 12 pet families. More over, each pet has its own different skill and ability. Choosing the pet depends very much so on the situation.

Refer to Guild Wars 2 guide, The Bear is the best tanker where scorpion is good at dps and does extra poison damage. Hound has a healing ability and recovers you from bad conditions or buffs while the raven is inflicts status conditions on enemies. It can be said that the Ranger’s pet is very versatile. The best thing is that the Guild Wars 2 Ranger can swap pets at anytime when they are out of combat.


Guild Wars 2 Ranger Guide


Ranged attackers by profession, the Guild Wars 2 Rangers are experts with the bow. With their intense focus and extreme accuracy, they slay their enemies at breathtaking distances. Rangers travel with their loyal pets which they trains and are used to distract enemies while the GW2 Ranger strikes from afar.

Guild Wars 2 Guide to Ranger Skill Types:

Chains: skills that are executed in a sequence on a single foe or enemy. Up to three skills can be used.
Survival: utility skills that help the Ranger to survive or increase their offensive abilities.
Spirit Skills: summoning skill to summon forth a nature spirit
Traps: utility skill that places traps at the ranger current location awaiting for enemies to trigger.


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